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Google Classroom

Google Classroom


Are you interested in using Google Classroom?

Here’s how you can sign up...

  1. Using the Chrome browser, sign into your Google account
  2. Scroll down the page and select...I am a “Teacher”
  3. Congratulations! You’re in!

After you have signed in as a teacher, if you are interested in connecting with other teachers that are using Google Classrooms in FCSD please join us in Google Classrooms. Here you will find links, discussions, tutorial videos, and ideas for using Google Classroom in your classroom! Use the  plus.png button on your teacher home page and select “Join Class”.  
Our Google Classroom code: hlelms

Feedback from some of my students about Google Classroom:

  • What do you like the most about Google Classroom?
    • Very organized
    • It's easier to post assignments and it's impossible for teachers to lose your work
    • you can reach everything at home
    • It is an easier way to turn in assignments and contact my teacher.
    • I can turn my work in online without worrying about losing my papers.
    • How easy we can see assignments and turn them in .
    • I like that we get to create a doc from the classroom, and it goes automatically to our google drive.
    • I can always see what i have to do because there’s always technology around

AP Biology 1

  • How has Google Classroom impacted your learning experience?
    • I can check on my assignments as I need more often online instead of having to search through notebooks.
    • It has helped me procrastinate less.
    • alot! pictures and diagrams can be shared with each other
    • It has made learning easier because everything is so organized
    • I don't have to look all over the place for one assignment. It's all right there.
    • It made it easier to communicate with the teachers

Biology I 1

  • Additional Comments
    • I like Google Classroom :)
    • Google classroom is needed since I like to things technology base
    • google classroom is great
    • If all of my teachers had one, it would be neater for me to find work because it's all on one website instead of all over the place.
    • I would love for all my teachers to use this and put all the work on it so homework wouldn't be as hard

Chromebooks in lab.jpg

Why Google Classroom?

  • Web-based Classroom: Google Classroom allows students to access their assignments from any device by simply signing into their Google Chromebooks accounts.  Students are able to use their Chromebooks, Google Nexus 7 Tablets, smartphones, android tablets, iPads, iPods, laptops, etc.

  • Organization:  Google Classroom is a central place to post documents, assignments, videos, weblinks, resources, lecture notes, calendars, etc.

  • Supplemental Resources:  Teachers can post numerous resources for one assignment to provide students with choice and meet a variety of learning needs in one assignment.

  • Individualized Assignments: The teacher can assign each student their own personalized document (that includes the student’s name in the title) in seconds.

  • Turning In Assignments: Students are able to submit assignments to their teachers in three ways...
    • “Turn-In” button using Google Docs
    • “Add” button for uploading Docs, Slides, weblinks, videos, etc.
    • “Create” button allows students to create their own documents, drawings, spreadsheets and presentations using the Google Drive features.

AP Biology google classsroom screen.png

Things to Remember:

  • Leave feedback: In the lower right corner on each page click on “Send Feedback”.  Google is very interested in hearing from teachers and students about Google Classroom and ways that it can be improved.

google feedback.png

  • google classroom google plus.pngFollow the Google+ Google Classroom Community: Educators are constantly posting great ideas, answering questions and providing Google with feedback concerning Google Classrooms. (

  • One teacher per class: There can only be one teacher per class, other teachers would need to join the class as a student, which limits their access to student information, work and grades.

  • Google Drive “Classroom’ Folder: Students and teachers both have a folder named "classroom" automatically set up and updated in Google Drive with all assignments from the Google Classroom
    • Note: It is recommended that this folder is left alone due to formatting with the online classroom

  • Assignments: Assignments are created in on the “stream” page and can be assigned with a due date and time.  Students and teacher can use the “comments” feature throughout the assignment to ask questions and leave feedback.  
    • Three options for assigning student work:
      • Student can view file
      • Students can edit file (all students editing one document/file)
      • Make a copy for each student (automatically places their name behind the title of the assignment)
    • Grades are not saved until assignment is “returned” to the student
    • Comments are shared immediately when you click “post”
    • When a student “submits” or “turns in” an assignment their work becomes “view only” and students are unable to edit their work until the teacher has “returned” the assignment
      • Students are able to “unsubmit” and edit their work; however, this action will be reflected in the “revision history” on the teacher account
    • Students have the ability to edit and “resubmit” assignments once they have been returned by the teacher
    • Just as teachers can provide multiple resources for an assignment, so can students.  Students can “add” and/or “create” documents/websites/videos to the assignments.
      • “Add” from Google Drive, (i.e.Luidchart Venn Diagram), YouTube video, web links, or upload files from their computers, downloads, etc.
      • “Create” multiple documents from Google Drive for one assignment (Google Docs, Presentations/Slides, Spreadsheets, or Drawings)

google classroom assignment.png

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